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Here is my pipe. It is medicine. Take it and keep it.” -Siksikaitsitapi medicine pipe story
Blackfoot Medicine Pipe

In many North American indigenous tribes of the plains one of the most revered sacred items is the medicine pipe. These pipes play an important role in the tribes religious, political, and social life. They are kept in sacred bundles until they are to be used in various aspects of tribal life. The opening of these bundles is just as integral as the ceremony of pipe smoking itself. The smoking of such pipes is the focus of many seasonal, life, and special occasion ceremonies. These ceremonies contain specific prayers, songs, and the telling of stories. This is how knowledge and medicine is “transferred” between the people. For this reason, among being guided to, is why I chose to name this blog after the “The Medicine Pipe”. It is a place to tell a story, to share knowledge, and express the scared. Here all things are connected. From Gods and Goddesses to plants and animal. From Pagans and Witches to Santos and Christians we all walk the same magickal path, known or unknown to the self.

Here is my pipe. It is medicine…


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