Ghost Hunt PT1: The Ancestors Tree


I recently had the opportunity to join and work with a independent local ghost hunting group, The Paranormal Spirit Finders. Who regularly visits local cemeteries to collect some form contact with the other side and share it with the world on their Facebook page and website.

This time they were visiting an old church cemetery near my home. I met with the two foremost hunters, Jim and Donna just as the sun was setting. They unpacked some of the basic ghost hunting equipment, an EVP meter, a camera, a digital recorder, and a spirit box. With equipment in hand, we walked the grounds asking questions and listening to what came through the spirit box. Most sounds were just clicks and blips, however, there were a few strange anomalies that we couldn’t understand, garbled voices, but nothing substantial to keep us going.

After an hour, we decided to pack things up and end the session. Being a bit disappointed I offered for the team to explore the woods around my home. What makes the property worth investigating is a few things. For one, many people have this uneasy feeling about the woods, and my Witchy friends all have made a mention of something just not feeling right about them. The most important part of the woods is a tree that I have sanctified as an ancestor tree, in all honesty it chose itself. This tree or outdoor altar is where me and my roommate visit, give offerings, and work with our ancestors. It has been in use since my local group, The Moonlit Grove’s Samhain ritual last year. At which we all left gifts for our ancestors and I left them by the tree. So in fact, this tree also holds a connection to various ancestors. To even add to the story of this tree, my roommates children have dubbed the tree “The Grandfather Tree” years before I had even moved in with them. It is the largest, tallest, and only fir, pine tree on the property. I am not sure if it was because the cemetery was a bust or the story of the tree, but The Paranormal Spirit Finders were game to investigate.

The Moonlit Grove’s Samhain Ancestor Altar

At around 9pm, we entered the woods. Donna and Jim armed with their gadgets, and I with rattle and some spirit communication incense. It didn’t take long before the spirit box started spewing out tangible words and sounds and the other instruments to go out of control. Although, we had planned to investigate the whole property, we didn’t get any further than the tree.

As we stood there in the dark, we could see shadows and misty figures moving around us. Sounds of muffled voices and movement seemed to come from every direction. Just to make sure it wasn’t our visiting animal friends, we quickly shined our handy dandy flashlights in the direction of questioning. So there I was, rattling away, burning high energy incense stirring up the ancestors and the team recording and monitoring their gadgets. The results were amazing. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect on a physic level.

For your listening enjoyment I have cleaned up and isolated many of the EVPs that were collected. Each one will have an explanation that describes what you are hearing and how it correlates to the ancestors.


Here you hear Donna asking how many ancestors are with us, a few seconds later you can hear a voice say “eight”.

In this clip you hear Jim asking if any spirits have a message for us and you can clearing hear two different voices say “Adam” and then “Marie”. After questioning members of The Moonlit Grove “Adam” is indeed a members ancestor. (note- currently waiting on confirmation on “Marie.)

Here you can hear singing, “My feelings you know”. (note- currently waiting on confirmation on voice or song)

After seeing a quick flash of light, Jim asks “did you give us some kind of light anomaly?” and a few second later you can hear a “yes”.


This was the picture that was captured by Donna at that moment.


At the begging of this clip you can hear someone say “Eddie”, Which you can hear me say “I just hear something right here”, Then Jim says “right” and just after you hear “Eddie” repeated in the same voice.

This is my favorite clip. Jim asks “what is the significance of this tree, we are standing at?” and we get an answer “dead”.

Here Donna gets the name Thomas on an FM translator, Jim asks “Thomas?” then you hear another voice say “Tom”. (Note- Still investigating the name and connection.)


Throughout the night we heard many unexplained voices through the spirit box and with our ears. Donna was also able to catch an amazing picture of orbs within the tree. This was after Jim had asked for the spirits to show themselves.

ancestor tree orb

There are many other things that have come to light since that night, that we are still investigating and will be discussed in part 2 of this post. After such an amazing night, the team decided to return for another investigation and venture out further into the woods. This will also be in “Ghost Hunt PT2: “

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