Ancestor reverence, work, & magick online workshop 8/27


Attendees will learn effective methods to contact, honor, and work with the various types of Ancestors found in most traditions and cultures. Understand how to create an Ancestor altar and give the appropriate offerings. Discuss and learn the magickal ways of working with your Ancestors and incorporating them into your regular practices.

Covered Topics:

Ancestor reverence and worship throughout the world.

Most common types of ancestors and choosing which to work with.

Closing the gap between you and your ancestors and the different ways to connect with them.

Ancestor altars- placement, appropriate items, offerings.

Communication and magick- meditation, divination, journal, vessels of communication, herbs of the dead and other tools of the dead.

 This workshop will be streamed live for the public through skype. Only $15 .

Payment info: All payments may be made through paypal to

Skype info: Once payment is received A link will be provided


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