Birds, Snakes, and Airplanes. PT 1 – When Your spiritual path takes a new direction.


When re-inventing this blog, I had no idea what direction I wanted for my first posting. There were so many topics I could write about. At the time, I had just returned from my local groups Beltane celebration, where they had conducted two rituals, one for adults and one for children. I thought this might be something I wanted to discuss and expand on, especially because this is where my expertise lies. What a better way to help promote my forthcoming book and classes. But alas, It just didn’t feel right. So I decided to dye my hair instead. I thought maybe the time away from my computer would have helped, but again I had no direction. Then it hit me like an airplane. Direction! A topic I myself and many around me have been experiencing. “What direction has my path led me? ” or more so “what direction am I supposed to go on my path? ”

For myself, I have been faced with a shift in my spiritual practices and core fundamentals of belief. It seems that I am at a crossroads and Hekate is right there with me. Along with a few animal spirits popping in and out with messages. Although this is nothing new for me, the messages and guidance are. For one, Hekate usually only “blesses” me with her presence when I am about to have a major life changing event. However, this time is very different and has been for the last few months. Within this time, I have also had the pleasure of working with at least seven different animals, some of which I had past experiences with. While others, such as sparrow and snake. This medicine was very new for me. But even the ones that I had worked with before were coming in a new way. The energy was different. I didn’t understand why or what it was all about. Thankfully, I was not alone. After having conversations with others who work with animal medicine and Hekate, there seemed to be a common thread amongst us all. Everything we thought we understood and gave credence to was about to change direction. And it has. With all the messages I received over the last few months, I did not know where to start. My spiritual voicemail was full and everyone wanted a call back that day. When Hekate (or any deity) calls you listen- I have worked enough times with this dark goddess to know, if she calls and you do not pick up, she will be relentless until you do. So I choose to return her call first. Which is something I would recommend with any deity who may be calling. Starting at the top and working your way down. That is not to say that one is higher or lower than the other. It is about connecting with divinity or the higher plane of existence, which is where your higher or divine self resides. This, in most cases would be a sure direction that aligns with your true self. The messages and guidance you receive from a deity may help and lead you to where you need to be on your path. You may not understand them at that time, however, as you begin listening more and building a relationship with them, these things will become much clearer later on. Except when they put you on hold, as Hekate had done. But even this was telling me that she wanted me to work on other things before she had to tell me what it was she was calling about. When you have a zoo at your door- Whether you work with animal, plant, or other spirit guides, it can be overwhelming when there are multiple messages wanting to be heard at one time. I always start with learning and reading about the animal’s or plant’s meaning, then locating information on the species. Which includes its way of life, habitat, and natural behaviors. 

SONY DSCA lot can be learned from this information, for example, as in sparrows, they are very social birds, bouncing along the ground in search of food. A medicine you might obtain from sparrow could be to be more social and add a little fun in your life. Another great way to learn about an animal is to observe them in nature. Understandably, this can be difficult for some. However, there are many animal cams now available on the internet that will allow you to view almost any animal in its natural habitat. However, when working with plants and other spirit types the latter may not be as suitable. In this case I recommend connecting directly to the spirit. This can be done through meditation, journeying, or a divination method. In my own practices I do this after I have collected and read as much information I could about the animal and its meaning. Connecting directly to the spirit allows me to receive the messages they have for me and answer any questions I may have as well. Writing everything down in a journal is a good practice to start. So that you can decode the received messages and be able to reference it later on if need be. If there are multiple spirits and messages coming in at one time, which is often the case when there is a need for change. It would be best practice to connect in the order of appearance or occurrence. A good rule of thumb for occurrence is three. Who put sugar in the salt shaker? – When you are presented with the challenging messages of spiritual direction and change. It’s like sitting down to a perfect steak and adding a little salt, just to find out someone put sugar in the salt shaker. There is no need to let it go to complete waste, roll with it. Make constructive use of it, leave it as an offering to your ancestors or a deity. In some way, this will be a benefit to you as well. When your guides are directing you toward a change in your practices or feel you are being pulled in a certain direction. I say roll with it. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. Especially, if you have invested years or even months of knowledge and practice into your spirituality. It can be very disheartening and down right hurtful. However, there is a reason for everything and who better to know this than your spirit guides and divinity. One thing to keep in mind is that knowledge is never wasted. If you had not studied and grown within your spirituality as it is now, there would be absolutely no way you would understand or accept the validity of these messages. To quote the eighties cartoon, G.I. Joe; “knowing is half the battle”. Once you become comfortable with the idea of change, the new direction becomes less scary. The question is “how to become comfortable with the idea of change? ” One way is to not look at it as a change but as growth. When we look at a seed do we not envision the beautiful flower it will become. When considering the life of Buddha, do we say he had changed or do we say he became enlightened. I am not discrediting that change cannot be one of the hardest things one must face. I am only offering a different outlook to those who may feel stuck or questioning their path’s direction. When we have a feeling of being stuck, it usually is a sure sign that the universe is telling you this may not be the path for you. Some might also experience what I call “path jumping”, This is usually when you jump back and forth between spiritual beliefs. We all know one or two “jumpers” one week they are Wiccan and the next they are Buddhist and then back again. Note,this is completely different from learning and experiencing different belief systems. “Jumping” from path to path is another clue that you might be in need of listening. Listening to the messages and signs from your guides, divinity, and the universe will set you in the right direction or to reach that goal of enlightenment. Other tools in the shed- There are many other methods that can be utilized to receive and interpret messages about your direction and course of action. Divination tools and methods being in the foreground. Such as tarot and oracle cards. If you are not apt to read on your own, seek out a reputable tarot reader that can help you. Scrying is another great way to receive messages, especially when they are coming from a deity. Using other means of collecting information reduces any conflicting messages that you might be misinterpreting or not understanding their meanings. If even after you have exhausted all your resources and still lost on meanings, I recommended taking some time out to look inward and clearing any blockages you might have created and then begin again by connecting with your messengers. For those of us living a magickal life, growth and change in direction are inevitable, but as long as we stay true to ourselves and stay connected to the universe, we will always find our direction. PT2 coming soon -Don’t pack up that athame just yet.

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