The Witch Next Door: Call for submissions


E. Massey is seeking submissions for “The Witch Next Door, a collective book of shadows by the unknown Witches of the world”. I am looking for a wide variety of entries by you, the everyday Witch and magickal practitioners of the world. All levels and different traditions will be accepted. All pieces must be entirely original works of the creator. Submissions are currently open.

Potential entries include:

-Rituals for any of the Wheel of Year Holidays

– Rituals for any of the Moon phases

– General rituals

– Any and all tried and true spells, followed by your personal experience

– Invocations and evocations

– Original tarot spreads

– Incense and oil recipes

– Sabbath recipes

– Magickal tea and brew recipes

– Potions

– Charms and sigils

– Devotional hymns and prayers

– Meditations

– Photographs of altars and shrines

I am open to anything interesting that shows the diversity of our practices and beliefs.

All submitted work should be 100% original of it’s author. Submissions should be sent as an attachment of either a DOC file, or for any original photographs or graphics JPG or PNG. Files should contain no footnotes. All Submissions should be at 12 pt size and in Times New Roman font. Please include a reliable email address, the name that you want to be listed as (i.e., magickal name or pen name), your legal name, the submission’s title, and a 200 maximum word bio including any websites or blogs. Please make sure the subject line of the email reads “The Witch Next Door Submission”

All sale profits will be used for retail distribution and promotion and a yet to be determined non-profit Pagan Based organization.

Selected contributors will receive a free PDF of the book when it’s complete and will be able to purchase the book at cost. Please send all submissions to

Deadline for Submissions is February 28, 2018


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