“Casting Creative Magickal Circles” by E. Massey *now available in print format


Author and Witch, E. Massey provides an excellent resource for the magickal practitioner of any level. Casting Creative Magickal Circles outlines unique ways of casting magickal circles for all Eight Sabbaths and the Moon Phases. It Contains principle information and personal references that any coven or solitary witch would need to create fun and interesting rituals. A must have for ones magickal library. Foreword by Mark Eadicicco and Richie Drawneek “The Staten Island Witches” of NYC’s Practical Magick.

Paperback $7.99/E-Book $3.99


AVAILABLE ONLINE IN PRINT AND E-BOOK FORMATS and at select Witchcraft, New-age, and Metaphysical shoppes in the U.S.

“Casting Creative Magickal Circles” is available online at:




also availableĀ  at the Apple iBookstore and KOBO


6 thoughts on ““Casting Creative Magickal Circles” by E. Massey *now available in print format

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