You Can Help The Hierophant with a New Location!!


The Hierophant crew has found a better opportunity to bring The Hierophant – A Magickal Thrift & Occult Shoppe to a physical location. This location is located in Blakeslee, PA. This location is bigger and better with less over head. This location would put us right in the hub of resort tourism and be central tor our already growing market from thePocono Witches Festival.  With this location they will be able to bring affordable metaphysical products and services to the community. Expanding the already working online business to even more customers. By having a physical location they will be able to provide a center for the community to learn, explore, and grow in their own spirituality where all are respected. We also have dedicated everything we do to our mission statement that states “one’s spiritual practice or need of magick should not take away from one’s pockets.

Thier goal was to open a brick and mortar location in Spring 2020 from capital raised from The Pocono Witches’ Festival & Ball . Although, this is still the case if needed. However, this new location has become available and it will not last long. Unfortunately, this was not something I wanted to do, as we all know how a gofund me looks to the public, but with a little help we can open on schedule, so they decided to turn to you, our community. With your help we can provide a much needed spiritual neutral space in the Pocono community a lot faster. If they make my goal they will pay it forward by donating the equal amount from the profits of my event to a local organization in the Poconos. Thank you to all those who have donated for the previous location, no worries that money will go to our new location build up.

Your donated funds will help me secure the location, purchase furniture and obtain more stock.

The Location

About The Hierophant
The Hierophant is a magickal thrift and occult shoppe that offers affordable and unique magickal and occult items. All the products are hand-crafted and picked by author, artist, and practicing Witch, E. Massey . As a magickal practitioner for over twenty years, E. Massey believes that one’s spiritual practice or need of magick should not take away from one’s pockets. From the time he was a “Little Witch” he has repurposed many items found at thrift stores or yard sales for spiritual purposes. He also feels that magickal services should be affordable to those in need. The Hierophant was created to bring these items and services to the community.

The Hierophant offers affordable hand-crafted items such as magickal candles, potions, and incense for any intent and need. All of E. Massey’s magickal items are empowered and fixed to work for your highest good and all repurposed products have been cleaned, both mundanely and magickally. Unlike other “metaphysical” and occult stores many of our items are one of a kind and uniquely created by hand. The Hierophant’s two main priorities are to keep our prices low and to reduce our environmental footprint. We achieve this by utilizing very little branding and like to keep things as simple as possible.

The Hierophant also sells items such as various types of candles, oils, and incense for the everyday regular practices of any magickal and spiritual tradition. All these products have been hand picked from suppliers and crafters from all over the world. The Hierophant thrives to not be your normal metaphysical store and puts the “craft” back in Witchcraft.

The Hierophant does not hold to one tradition or belief system, we support and cater to all of the magickal and spiritual communities.

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