NEWS: E. Massey Returning to WitchFest USA & A New Podcast


I am so excited to be returning to WitchFest USA this year, just take a look at the line up of presenters for 2020…crazy amazing!! Can you tell I am excited for this event. Be sure to keep an eye out on the events Facebook page for the classes I will be offering, they will be exclusive only to WitchFest USA.

With the new store, The Pocono Witches Festival planning and all the other things I do, I have added even more to my plate. But, this one will be more on the fun side and hopefully less work. I am so excited to announce that I will be returning behind the microphone with an all new podcast. I will be joined by the amazing and well-known, Rev. Alexander Cabot, HP. So excited for this project!!


Ever wonder what happens when a country Witch crosses paths with a city Witch? We did too. This Old Witch Podcast brings two known Witches from two very different environments together to share their perspectives on Witchcraft, spirituality, and Magick. Will they agree on everything? probably not, but there is only one way to find out.

This Old Witch Podcast is a bi-weekly organically open radio show that follows no script or planned focus. Join E. Massey (the country Witch), and Alexander Cabot (the city Witch) and the occasional special guest, as they come together via the magic of technology from their dissimilar locations to explore a new subject every episode. This Old Witch Podcast proves that no matter how different our surroundings and backgrounds are…. we can always find a common ground.

Coming Soon to…


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