Introducing The Modern Witch’s Curriculum Classes


The Modern Witch’s Curriculum is a 12 month course based on E. Massey’s second book of the same name. After it’s release in 2018 many readers had repeatedly asked E. Massey to run an on-going class based on the book. Well, the time has come, The Modern Witch’s Curriculum is now a living course of modern Witchcraft.

The Modern Witch’s Curriculum

There comes a time in every Witch’s life when they feel there is nothing left to learn or that they would never find a Witchcraft path that fits their lifestyle. What if there was a course outline that allowed a Witch to grow and learn without the constraints of a specific tradition or one that allows the student to explore spirituality?

“The Modern Witch’s Curriculum” allows those who are involved in any of the earth-based religions to progress and learn beyond their initial teachings. It provides many hands-on magickal and spiritual activities and experiences that can be started at any time of the year and does not have a set beginning time. This means one can start in July while another can start in October. Even more unique you can take it over and over again and not learn the same thing twice.

“The Modern Witch’s Curriculum” combines history, science, and hands-on magickal and spiritual activities and experiences in an easy to follow calendar format.

Best of all, the course can be relevant to anyone of any magickal tradition or spiritual background, whether they follow a Wiccan, Green or eclectic path, in fact, much of the curriculum will appeal to those who want to learn more about their own traditions and themselves. Many of the exercises and activities were created to guide the student to areas of study and spiritual knowledge by using any resources that are accessible to them. These can be books, the Internet, and even individual experiences of the people within a circle or community. There are no boundaries or requirements on how the student can collect the information for the activities; it’s all individual choice.

mwcCoverThe curriculum is centered around monthly themes from which weekly themes and daily activities are derived from. Students will participate in two four hour LIVE online classes/meetings with E. Massey. These classes are for students to get an overview of the activities of weeks to come and discuss prior weeks. Activities and lessons will be delivered bi-weekly to the student. In addition to this students will have access to online forum and communities similar to the popular “Blackboard” found in traditional education communities.

The Modern Witch’s Curriculum Year Outline

Remember you can join the curriculum at anytime of the year and will never be behind or ahead of anyone who has already joined before. You could even skip months! This is not an initiatory tradition or course outline. You learn and grow at your own accord and participation. The Modern Witch’s Curriculum is a LIVING guide to spiritual exploration, discovery, and magickal practices.

October – Observing and Working with Ancestors and The Dead

Week 1: Ancestors, Family Traditions, and Culture

Week 2: The Mighty Dead, Spiritual Leaders, and Inspirational Members of Society

Week 3: Practices and Working with Your Ancestors and The Dead

Week 4: The Veil, Spirit Work, and Celebrating Samhain

November – Nighttime Magick

Week 1: The Waxing Moon

Week 2: The Full Moon

Week 3: The Waning Moon

Week 4: The New/Dark Moon

December- Deity and Divinity

Week 1: Goddesses, Feminine Energy, etc.

Week 2: Gods, Masculine Energy, etc.

Week 3: Duality, Masculine and Feminine Energies, etc.

Week 4: The Source, Great Spirit, Universal Energy, Oneness, etc.

January- Hearth and Home

Week 1: Cleansing, Purification, and Protection

Week 2: Family, Friends, and Pets

Week 3: Kitchen Magick I

Week 4: Kitchen Magick II

February- The Elements

Week 1: Fire

Week 2: Earth

Week 3: Water

Week 4: Air

March- Meditation and Healing

Week 1: Meditation: Theory and Science

Week 2: Guided Meditations

Week 3: Healing: Theory and Science

Week 4: Healing Practices

April- Altars and Cleansing

Week 1: Altar Building

Week 2: Altar Work

Week 3: Physical Cleansing

Week 4: Spiritual Cleansing

 May- The Science and Art of Magick

Week 1: The Science of Magick I

Week 2: The Art of Magick I

Week 3: The Science of Magick II

Week 4: The Art of Magick II

June- Daytime Magick

Week 1: Sunrise

Week 2: Morning

Week 3: Afternoon

Week 4: Sunset

July- Journaling and Journeys

Week 1: Dream and Spiritual Journals

Week 2: Magickal Journals

Week 3: Journeys I

Week 4: Journeys II

August- The Art of Herbalism

Week 1: Roots and Stems

Week 2: Leaves and Flowers

Week 3: Incense, Oils, and Potions

Week 4: Science vs. Folklore

September- Stones, Crystals, and Space

Week 1: Stones

Week 2: Crystals

Week 3: Planets

Week 4: Astrology

The Cost of Enrolling in TMWC

Because The Modern Witch’s Curriculum does not follow a regular or typical course structure students can choose to enroll by the month or as a year course outline.

Monthly Enrollment Cost: $40 a month


Yearly Enrollment Cost: $360 ($120 savings)


Extra Perks for Enrolling

Monthly Students:

10% Off at The Pocono Witch Shoppe (

Access to Recorded Bi-weekly Classes/Meetings and Meditations

Access to an Online community

Digital Curriculum Materials

Discounts on All E. Massey’s Books

Yearly Students:

20% Off at The Pocono Witch Shoppe (

Access to Recorded Bi-weekly Classes/Meetings and Meditations

Access to an Online community

One on One Support

Digital Curriculum Materials

Free Copy of E. Massey’s The Modern Witch’s Curriculum

Discounts on All E. Massey’s Books and Events

What to Expect from TMWC?

During the year course of The Modern Witch’s Curriculum you will be explore various practices of magick, spirituality, and Witchcraft through a foundational basis of the Seven Hermetic Principles.  It draws on the knowledge and experiences of E. Massey who has over 20 years experience of initiated Witchcraft, Folk Magick, and Indigenous Traditions.

Each month you will receive two bi-weekly course outlines pertaining to that months theme in the form a PDF format. You will also be required to attend two 4 hour classes (usually held on Sundays) in which E. Massey will discuss the activities, philosophies and practices associated with that current weeks theme and review the prior weeks activities. Some Activities will require the performing of meditations and rituals in which simple materials, such as candles, salt, and some herbs may be required. Many of these items may be purchased at The Pocono Witch Shoppe at our discounted prices or at your local occult shop. Some activities will require writing or crafting. You will be expected to share your experiences during the classes or in the online community.  You will also be expected to engage in regular meditative practices, perform rituals, keep a journal, participate in the online classes, and create various items.

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