Upcoming 2021 Event: Witchcon Online

Brian Cain, Christian Day and the HEX Education Network present WitchCon Online 2021: the largest online magical conference in the world, devoted to Witchcraft, Conjure, and Rootwork, where you can connect with leading experts on the arts of magic from across the globe!

March 5th to 7th, 2021,  WitchCon Online, features over a hundred classes by over a hundred Witches and Conjurers ready to share their time-honored wisdom and witchery.

Tickets for Witchcon Online give you access to all classes and performances both live and on-demand after the event is over so you won’t have to miss a single magical moment! The weekend includes an interactive vending area that is free and open to the public and features an enchanting array of magical merchants offering bewitching products you can purchase directly on screen!

Witchcon Online presenters for 2021 are the preeminent masters of the magical arts and include:

A.C. Fisher Aldag, Alexander Cabot, Alexis A. Arredondo, and Eric J. Labrado, Amy Blackthorn, Angie Buchanan, Annwyn Avalon, Ashley Mortimer, Baba Teddy Jauw, Benebell Wen, Brian Cain, Byron Ballard, Cairelle Crow, Candelo Kimbisa, Carie Ewers, Carly Dwyer, Caroline Kenner, Caroline Tully, Cat Thagard, Célèste Kee, Charity Bedell, Christian Day, Christine Stephens, Craig Spencer, Darcie Vélez, Denise Alvarado, Diana Rajchel, Dragon Ritual Drummers, E. Massey, Edu Scarfon, Elhoim Leafar, Elie Barnes, Ellen Evert Hopman, Father Sebastiaan, Fatimata Mbodj, Fiona Horne, Freya Bishop, Gary St. Michael Nottingham, Georgi Mishev, Geraldine Beskin, Gianmichael Salvato, Giulia Turolla, Houngan Sen Jak, Jacq Civitarese, James Divine, Jason Miller, Jennifer Medway, Jim Sayers, John Huculiak, Judy Ann Nock, Kaedrich Olsen, Kelly and Shawmarie Jeffery, Kenya T. Coviak, Krystal Athena Hubbard, Krystal Madison, Lady Kate Henriott-Jauw, Lady Rhea, Leanne Marrama, Levi Rowland, Lilith Dorsey, Madame Zee, Martha Morán González, Mary-Grace Fahrun, Melanie Marquis, Michael Correll, Michael Furie, Michael Herkes, Mickie Mueller, Muertero Yamil, Mulysa Mayhem, Nathan King, Oberon Zell, Papa Hector, Pastor Phil Wyman, Patricia Telesco, Petrucia Finkler, Peni Delina Bedard, Phyllis Curott, Priestess Miriam Chamani, Rachel Patterson, Rebeca Spirit, Rev. Paul Beyerl, Robert M Place, Sandra Mariah Wright, Sean Wilde, Sen Elias, Shaheen Miro, Shannon Marie Daoust, Silver RavenWolf, Sorita d’Este, Starr Casas, Starr RavenHawk, Tara Sanchez, Taren S, Tess Whitehurst, The Buckland Museum, Thorn Mooney, Tim Shaw, Tonya Brown, Val Hughes, Witchdoctor Utu, and Yeshe Matthews!

WitchCon Online 2021 is an ONLINE ONLY event and registration includes admittance to all livestream video workshops, rituals, and performances! Tickets are $95

Get your tickets TODAY!!!


E. Massey

Paranormal Witch: Witchcraft and the Spirit World

Saturday, March 6 at 1:45 PM
CST in The Moon Garden

The Pocono Witch Shoppe

Sunday, March 7 at 9:00 AM
CST in the Virtual Vendors’ Hall

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