News: Casting Creative Magickal Circles Going Out of Print 4/11

My first book “Casting Creative Magical Circles” will be going out of print as of April 11th, 2021. As well as it did over the last few years, I have decided to re-release it as it was originally intended. This new version will put back everything that was edited out of the first manuscript and be released as a completely new book. It will be a more complex and detailed edition of the first. I would love to share more elements of the book, but I will keep that under wraps for now.  I want to thank everyone who purchased and supported “Casting Creative Magickal Circles” over the years, you truly made it all worth it. If you have not purchased it now is the time to do so, it will only be on sale until April 11th.

Paperback $7.99

E-Book $3.99

My second book ” The Modern Witches Curriculum” will follow after the release of the new version of “Casting Creative Magickal Circles”, as well as two brand new books. Why all these new versions? Guess you will just to wait and read it for yourself.

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