E. Massey is an author, artist, teacher, and practicing Witch. As an artist, Eddie’s talent could be seen at an early age, granting his attendance at the High School of Art and Design, where he studied photography and illustration. Landing his first solo exhibition at the age of 16, he began his painting career, quickly. Although, his artwork has been considered lowbrow and controversial, it has been published and featured in numerous books, music videos, and exhibitions around the world. Because of the sensitive topics of religion, love, sex, and sociopolitical affairs within his paintings, he chose to paint under the pseudo name; Nectar.
In 2012, One of his sketch books became cataloged in the permanent collection of The Brooklyn library of Art. His most recent works, under his given name; has been less contentious and more spiritual, yet keeping his dark surreal style that he is known for.



As an author and teacher in both early childhood education (ECE) and “alternative” spirituality, E. Massey has written articles for national ECE magazines and has contributed to many educational curriculums. In 2017, he released “Casting Creative Magickal Circles“, an e-book containing unique variations of casting the magick circle. Which has now gone into print circulation as well. Over the last year, he has been writing “The Little Witch’s Curriculum”, a book for parents and children that uses ECE theories and techniques to encourage personal spirituality through Witchcraft, Wiccan, and Pagan practices. He is also currently seeking publishing for his first full length book, “A Modern Witch’s Curriculum” that follows a yearly path working outline for more advanced witches or people who might wish to expand their own practices and/or spirituality. He has facilitated classes and workshops based on the concepts found in these books and many other Witchcraft and spiritual topics as well.



E. Massey has been a practicing Witch for over 20 years. He was originally trained and initiated into the Gardnerian tradition at the age of thirteen. Now following his own path of combining traditional Witchcraft with his Native American (Piikani) beliefs. From an early age, Eddie has undergone multiple transfer ceremonies known as Pommaksiistsi, the knowledge or “oral teachings” of his family and tribal elders. He is Aawaatowapsiiks, “a ceremonialist”, commonly known as a“medicine man”.




E. Massey has studied and practiced the meditation techniques of the Kadampa Buddhist tradition at the Kadampa Meditation Center of NYC. He is initiated in the Santeria, in which he learns and practices as a separate spiritual path. Eddie has been the High Priest of The Moonlit Grove, a local community of Witches and Pagans in Pennsylvania for over two years. He has recently joined to work as a medium/investigator with the Pennsylvania paranormal group, “Paranormal Spirit Finders”. Eddie is a devotee within the Covenant of Hekate, an international community that collectively honors the Goddess. E. Massey serves on the board of directors for Philadelphia Pagan Pride as the Children and Youth Programming Coordinator. He is also a spiritual advisor, healer, an experienced tarot reader, and a Pagan community event organizer.