Paranormal & Psychic Weekends

Author and Witch, E. Massey offers unique paranormal and psychic weekends held at various known haunted locations. Experience and participate in various events, such as paranormal investigations, psychic/tarot readings, and group séances.

These events have been known to sell out very quickly. Get your tickets today!

Ticket prices will vary upon location and guests.

Past Events

9 thoughts on “Paranormal & Psychic Weekends

  1. We are interested in attending/participating in your events in May at the Cranberry Manor. We live nearby and are not interested in staying at the Manor. Can we purchase tickets and attend some of the events without staying at the Manor over the weekend?


    1. Yes there is limited tickets for just the investigation and seance portion of the event.. If you go to the eventbrite ticket page there is an option. If you have any trouble please let me know I will send a link


  2. Hi, We booked for the may event at Cranberry Manor and are very exited to join everyone, but I was only able to add a single VIP ticket on my order. How can I purchase a second VIP ticket so we may both go along with the ghost investigators?


    1. Thank you for your purchase and we apologize for any inconvenience, we have emailed you the link to purchase your additional investigation addition


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