As an expereinced Witch for over 20 years, E. Massey provides many spirutal services for your life’s needs. He also offers various worshops and classes based on expereience and knowledge. For more information and inquires please use the form below.



Classes and Workshops

Topics offered but not litmited: Candle Magick, Ancestor Reverence, Tarot Magick and Spellcasting, Divination for Kids, and many other Pagan Parent/Child workshops.




Tarot Readings

As an experienced tarot reader for over 20 years, Eddie can provide you with information others can not. All Personal readings are recorded and sent through email. To ensure peace of mind for his clients he offers the first reading, FREE! and $50 there after. All payments are made through Paypal only. Contact for party and event pricing.




House Cleansings

Spiritualy cleanse your house of harmful energy or spirits. Different packages available to fit your budget.





Facilatator for life’s Milestones

As an ordained First Nation Minister and American Marriage Minister, E. Massey can officiate your marriage, handfasting, Wiccaning, croneing, and many other of life’s milestones.




Commissioned Artwork

Please contact E. Massey for more information on commision prices and subjects.




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