Pocono Witches Festival Now 100% Online

The Pocono Witches Festival is returning in 2020 Bigger & Better !!! and NOW 100% ONLINE!!! The Pocono Witches' Festival & Ball is three days in October that celebrates Halloween and the Witches' New Year, known to Witches as Samhain. The Event will be held virtually from the comfort of your home. The Weekend Festivities … Continue reading Pocono Witches Festival Now 100% Online

Connecting with the Elements: Air

"The east wind is my lodge, it is powerful;  The air is my medicine"-Siksikaitsitapi Song Over the last few weeks I have been really trying to focus on balancing out myself, spiritually. Although, I know I am over due for a vision quest I feel that I have to at least find a balance within … Continue reading Connecting with the Elements: Air

Connecting with the Elements: Earth

Happy Lughnasadh! It has been a long time since I posted something other than events and updates. I was going back over past posts and realized I never finished my "Connecting with the Elements" series. With all that we have been experiencing over, well... to put it in realistic terms... most of this year, I … Continue reading Connecting with the Elements: Earth

Connecting with the Elements: Water

Happy Lughnasadh! For me, this month of working with the element of Water and the direction of West has been a whirlwind or in keeping with the theme a whirlpool.  So much has happened over this past month, I don’t know where to begin. I think the element has made experience every emotion a human … Continue reading Connecting with the Elements: Water

Connecting with the Elements: FIRE

Happy Summer Solstice! Over the last few months I have found myself so busy with countless things to do and organizing the Pocono Witches Festival that I have felt a slip in my spiritual practices and connection. It is not that I fully let everything go, I always make sure I do at least one … Continue reading Connecting with the Elements: FIRE