Event: E. Massey at NJ’s Iron Garden

  Join me at one of the area's most unique gatherings for an open discussion on Familiars and Magickal Pets. Iron Garden DEC 28th 2018 Schedule KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lorraine Henrich of the Modern Mystery School on Creating Sacred Space CONCLAVE: Familiars and Magical Pets w/ E. Massey ART EXHIBITOR: The Photography of Michelle Simone … Continue reading Event: E. Massey at NJ’s Iron Garden

Familiars vs. Magickal Pets

With the arrival of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series on Netflix I am pretty sure that we will see a surge in the black cat and “familiar” craze. Known as Salem, in the original 90’s show Sabrina’s cat companion was a chatty campy fellow who became a fan favorite. This new series based on … Continue reading Familiars vs. Magickal Pets