E. Massey at Templefest 2020 Online

Join E. Massey and other amazing presenters Virtually at The Temple of Witchcraft's Templefest 2020 E. Massey will be presenting on Sunday Aug 23rd at 4pm 4:00PM WORKSHOP Lost Phases of the Moon: Honoring the waning and waxing moons Learn how to honor and harness the power of the often-forgotten moon phases. From rituals to … Continue reading E. Massey at Templefest 2020 Online

E. Massey’s Upcoming Events

If you haven't noticed E. Massey has not a posted Blog post in a while, there is a reason for that. He has been busy promoting and organizing events, book tours, and so much more. Here is a list of all of his up coming events. Click on images for more information May 3rd-5th May … Continue reading E. Massey’s Upcoming Events